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We are honored to accept the Community Preservation Award, given annually to a non-governmental group or individual for service to the preservation movement of to a special preservation project.

In 2018 we worked with the Blue Grass Trust (BGT) and the Kentucky Hempsters to design and fabricate the Hemp History Museum within Hopemont, the Hunt-Morgan House. The flexible, cherry wood display was designed to fit within the existing foyer closet doors so as not to disturb the historic context of the house.

BGT described their experience working with Nomi:

“The Nomi Design team was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the process. After our first meeting, the Hopemont Committee Chair remarked, ‘Wow, they really know what they’re doing! We need to just let them do what they need to do, and get out of the way.’ But it was much more than their excellent design skills that made the process so pleasant, it was their understanding and appreciation for the project’s goal and timelines that made the end result so worthwhile. Nomi recognized the importance of creating a museum to educate our visitors not only on the role of hemp and its history, but also to tell the storied of the men and women who were enslaved to harvest and process the crop, as well, as service the home that was purchased from its profits. Thanks to Nomi, the BGT was able to add those vital chapters to Hopemont’s story.”

Two of our incredible clients also received awards from the Trust. The Burl, a live music venue re-imagined from former Texaco Oil loading dock on Manchester Street and the Winchester Opera House, purchased in 2001 by Edward and Vanessa Ziembroski and combined with a former sewing factory to create a entertainment and cultural hub. We are thrilled to have been part of realizing the vision of both of these forward-thinking clients!