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Book Project Has Always Had Bright Intentions. Now it Has a Building to Match.

Re-purposed shipping container kitchenette with custom wood casework by Nomi

Re-purposed shipping container kitchenette with custom wood casework by Nomi

The renovation of the International Book Project's headquarters on Delaware Avenue is complete and featured in a article by Cheryl Truman.

In 2016 the International Book Project (IBP) developed a strategic plan that committed to increasing the number of books shipped to at least 500,000 per year. One of the major obstacles they faced was the condition of their facility.

Working closely with IBP, we evaluated their current building and helped them make the difficult decision whether to abandon or renovate their existing location. Of the three firms interviewed, Nomi was the only one to recommend preserving their historic warehouse property.

Their staff of architects was enthusiastic responsive, creative , and respected our budgetary constraints. They understood us.
— Lisa Fiedler Fryman, Executive Director, IBP

We hosted a weekend Charrette (aka visioning session) for IBP administrators, staff and board members during which we facilitated a discussion about their operations and environment. We then translated that information into a working program and a flexible, open layout that would allow staff and volunteers to operate efficiently now and into the future.

IBP’s need for flexible space is supported by the custom fabricated casework we designed and fabricated especially for this project. The sturdy mobile kitchen island and rolling work tables can handle to weight of piles of books an allow staff and volunteers to reconfigure their space into the ideal environment for each operational task.

Brand reinforcement is essential for non-profit organizations who rely on community awareness to bring in volunteers and donations. Unique design elements like the repurposed shipping container reinforce their mission of promoting global literacy by shipping books to over 50 countries.